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Welcome to 10x!

On the back of an experienced team, 10x is a new entrant in the media and advertising industry, providing branding solutions, graphics and web design services, corporate film making, social media marketing, event management and printing services.
We are dedicated to giving you the very best of our services, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness.

Take some time out to get to know our team and don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to a successful relationship with you.

Who We Are?

10x came into being after its founders, Raheel & Amer, saw the need for fresh new ideas in the advertising business. Although there are tons of ad agencies and marketing firms presently operating in all major cities of Pakistan, we, at 10x, believe there is a huge potential of untapped creativity that is lacking in the industry. So we are here to fulfill that gap.

What We Do?

– Branding Solutions
– Corporate Filmmaking
– Graphic and Web Designing Services
– Social Media Marketing
– Event Management
– Printing Services

Little bit more about us!

We have a passion for creating unique concepts for our clientele, in the process, ensuring that our end product provides an unforgettable experience to not just our customer but to the customers of our customer.

What is 10x?

The name 10x signifies our intent of working towards the success of our customers, aiming for goals, which may result in 10 times more sales, 10 times more customer engagement, and 10 times more growth for them.

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Meet Our Team

The Faces Behind 10x

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Raheel Tariq

Corporate Business

Raheel has over 17 years experience with top leading corporate companies in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. His areas of expertise include sales, information technology, warehousing, procurement and safety. While at Engro, he oversaw material warehouse and managed over Rs. 500 million inventory spares and raw material. He has a passion for helping others to be successful.

Amer Malik

Creative & Technical Lead

Amer is a professional with over ten years of multidisciplinary experience in program management, , marketing, data analytics, designing and developing strategic direction for brands. With his strong technical background, he wants to help companies make data driven decisions to build innovative brands.

Sara Hussain

Content Head

Sara has a background in social studies, with over 5 years of experience in writing powerful content on the social media. She is creative and bold in her approach to come up with versatile solutions for client needs. She is a people's person, and has a strong network of like minded people, to help and make everyone win win win.

Farhan Shehzad

Production Head

Farhan has 14 years of experience in the media industry. He has strong knowledge of the technicalities involved in filmmaking, and possesses creative vision, and strong leadership. He is an expert in creating a unique vision for any script and possesses excellent television programming and budgeting skills. He also has sound editorial judgment and journalistic skills.

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