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Engro Foundation – Corporate Intro by 10X

Featuring a modern dynamic introduction for the activities Engro Foundation has carried out in the past few years and their impact. Designed and produced by 10X. 10X is a media and marketing company, which specializes in branding, advertising, digital content, promotional campaigns, social media marketing, and digital design. Check us out on  

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Why Content Matters & Targeting A Niche

While PageRank — Google’s algorithm that measures how many links link to and from a site – was their initial primary ranking system, content has become king. ‘Panda’ became the codeword for the changes in their ranking algorithms by which they ranked sites using texts and the keywords found on individual pages. What this basically

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Good Web Design And Customer Engagement

If there was ever a logical or self evident observation about the Internet it’s that it is a really big place. The last estimate of how many websites there are on the Internet came up with a number that staggers the imagination. It is estimated that there are well over 1 billion web sites out there.

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Critical Elements For Current Web Design

Design makes a difference in many things and can transform a simple everyday item into something spectacular. On the web, this same principle holds true so when designing a new website or updating an old one, it is important to consider the many elements that can contribute for a better experience to the user while also looking beautiful.

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